Wildings closure for three days

Wildings closed for three days

Just some advanced warning that Wildings Lakes will be closed on August 6th, 7th and 8th because of an event that is happening. Please make a note in your dairies because if you turn up, you won't be allowed to fish.

02 May, 2021

Badgers Wood Closed

Essential Maintenance

Just a note to ay that Badgers Wood will be closed on Friday April 30th until 1.00pm for essential maintenance. Thanks!

25 Apr, 2021

Wildings track open again

Wildings track open

Just a quick notice to say that the track down to the lake at Wildings Lake is now open again.

17 Apr, 2021

Oldmans field open

The field at Oldmans is open

This means that instead of parking in the yard you can drive down to the lake and park there in one of the alloted spaces.

03 Apr, 2021

New membership cards and padlock change

New padlock number

Just a reminder for existing members that the number of the fishery padlocks has changed for the new season. You'll have received the new number with your membership information.

Membership cards

Please make sure that you have your membership card with you when you go fishing on any of our waters. This is to ensure we keep them solely for club members and if you can't present your card you will be asked to leave the fishery.

Many thanks!

31 Mar, 2021

March 13th Decoy Closed

Decoy closed for essential maintenance

Please note that Decoy lake will be closed on Saturday March 13th for one day only for essential maintenance. We'll be using heavy machinery to work on parts of the lake and it won't be safe for fishing.

Thanks for your cooperation.

02 Mar, 2021

Membership renewals 2021

Renew your membership

Just a reminder to all members that it's nearly time to renew your membership to Hassocks and District Angling Society. Renewals are due from March 15th 2021. Thanks for your support.

01 Mar, 2021

Wildings Update Feb 20th

Under the current circumstances, we'd like to remind club members that fishing at Wildings is from dawn until dusk until further notice. Many thanks!

07 Feb, 2021

Club waters are open

We're pleased to say that the club's waters are open again, subject to the restrictions imposed by the current lockdown. That means:

You can only fish a LOCAL club water

No night fishing whatsoever

No matches

Members must follow the rules of social distancing

You can find more information on how you can fish responsibly during lockdown on the Angling Trust website.

06 Jan, 2021

Carp chair thankyou

Just a quick note to say thanks to the member who left a carp chair at Badger's Wood, with a note to say that it needed a new home. The club will make sure it goes to someone who'll make good use of it. Many thanks!

01 Jan, 2021

New Gate at Masons Lake

A new gate has been put up at the barns before you go down Masons' drive with a locked padlock - with our number on it. Please make sure that you close and lock the gate behind you. Many thanks!

19 Dec, 2020

Gardening clogs found at Decoy

A pair of gardening clogs was found in the car park at Decoy Lake on Tuesday 24th of November. If they're yours, please get in touch with the Membership Secretary on 01444 235978.

27 Nov, 2020