September News

September News

September News

September News


As you may be aware following an incident earlier this year the main track was badly damaged which resulted in the owner locking the first gate. This has severely restricted access to the lakes (by foot only) and not unsurprisingly we have had a number of complaints from members. The perpetrators offered to clear it up but unfortunately were unable to contact the owner despite leaving a number of messages. However we managed to meet up with the owner when we were strimming at the end of August and we have agreed a way forward with him. He has flattened out the ruts and the next step is to put down turf reinforcing mesh as we did around Badgers Wood lake. There will two 60 metre strips of mesh which need to be secured with metal pins and the plan is for this to be done on Friday 20 October. If anybody would like to come along to lend a hand please call Tony Elkins (number on the back of the membership card). We will start at 9 o’clock and all you need to bring is a spade, rake and a hammer. The more the merrier. 


Oldmans goes from one crisis to another. The owners recently contacted us as a member was seen trying to land a 23lb carp in a small pan net. As you know the owner insists on us using on site nets only, and to this end we purchased a number of 24 and 26 inch nets specifically for use at Oldmans. It seems these have all now disappeared so we would like to politely ask if any of our members have inadvertently taken a net from Oldmans would they please return it. If you have any unwanted carp nets please drop these off either at Oldmans or alongside the containers at Decoy and Badgers Wood. We are also taking steps to purchase more nets but until the missing nets are replaced the owner has placed a carp fishing ban on Oldmans. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”.

The owner has put up signs so will members please not make the situation any worse by going against his wishes. After the tethered fish and rod and reel incident the owner’s patience is wearing thin and if there are any more incidents we run the risk of losing the water.

Annual General Meeting

This year there is a change of venue and it will be held in the Function room at the rear of the Jack and Jill Public house, Clayton. There will not be a buffet but please come along as there will be plenty to talk about and you could even end up getting a seat on the committee. The date is Friday, October 20th and the start time will be 7.30.

100 Club

We have had a bit of a catch up so the winners are :-

July – Neil Townsend

August – Martin Lane

September – Jean Fisher

Well done to you all.