News | June 2024

News | June 2024

News | June 2024

News | June 2024

Cemetery Wood

With the Closed season about to end we have been down to Cemetery Wood for the annual strim and general tidy up. It was a bit of a struggle as the grass was waist high but after a long mornings work there is now clear access to the river plus a good choice of swims downstream from the weir. 


Swim at Cemetery Wood
One of the cleared swims at Cemetery Wood

The only word of warning is that water levels are still down from last year and the banks are a bit irregular so if you are going for a days fishing FROM 16 JUNE we would recommend wearing a life jacket or some sort of buoyancy aid.

As before we have left upstream from the weir (Downstream from Wineham Bridge) in its natural state for those of you who like to explore and do a bity of wild fishing. Again, please take care as the banks will be unstable after the winter floods.

We would also remind members that we no longer have the stretch of river upstream from the bridge.

George Cragg and Badgers Wood

We will be at George Cragg this coming Friday (14 June) to clear some of the invasive lilies and reeds so it will be temporarily closed for the morning until 1.00pm. 

We are also aware that there are several patches of weed in Badgers Wood. It grows from the bottom of the lake and when it is clear where the clumps are we will go out in the boat and remove as much as possible. In the meantime, we have no objection to anglers raking swims. Most of the weed seems to be in the open water so if it is a problem you might want to try the margins. 

At the same time as removing weed from George Cragg a couple of us will be cutting down some of the grass either side of the entrance gate at Badgers Wood as it is getting difficult to see along the lane. We can do this without disturbing anglers so the water will remain open. We may even run a mower round the lake as the grass is getting long. Apologies in advance for any disturbance.

We had an incidence of fly tipping at Badgers wood last week. The culprits had tried to get through the gate but fortunately our security measures stood firm. This didn’t stop them dumping a load of wood and rubbish in the entrance. The council removed it immediately so if you see any rubbish dumped outside club waters all you have to do is ring Mid Sussex Council, Council, Wealden Council etc and give them the location. It is as simple as that.


We are pleased to advise you that that the field is now solid enough for cars to drive down to the lake. For those of you who are new to the club the owner has very kindly provided members with a parking area alongside the lake. Drive through the field and through the gate at the bottom. Please do not leave cars in the field as there are often livestock roaming around !

We could do with a fresh batch of photos on the gallery so if you catch anything half decent please send us your photos. Date venue, bait etc, anything to help the rest of us.