March 2024 News

March 2024 News

March 2024 News

March 2024 News


Despite veiled threats about some of our waters this still wasn’t enough of an incentive for members to come along to the meeting and only 28 people turned up on the night. Fortunately the proxy vote plan worked and we had sufficient of these to vote through the day-to-day stuff and one new proposal… it still worked out that for reasons best known to the members over 600 were unable to attend the meeting or complete a proxy form.

One important issue that was passed is that there will be an alcohol ban on all of our waters.

Badgers Wood

You may have noticed that we have been busy at Badgers Wood recently. We decided we would clear the islands a bit earlier than usual so the team went out in the boats on 16th of February and strimmed down the brambles on both islands. We also took the opportunity to replace the markers for the fish refuges between the two islands. Thanks to Gary, our latest recruit, for providing the boat fenders. Much better than the plastic milk cartons we had before.

We have also cleared a lot of the brambles from between the swims and have also removed brambles and dog rose from George Cragg.

We have been made aware of a mink at George Cragg and this is being dealt with.


We are changing the way the maintenance is being carried out this year. With the number of waters we have it was getting more and more time consuming for one team to do all the strimming and repairs so as was suggested at the AGM/EGM and in the last Newsletter we are setting up teams to cover various locations. We are still looking for a team to look after the stretches of river at  Wineham and Cemetery Wood so if you are interested please contact a member of the committee.

Currently we have two teams who are responsible for managing, maintaining and bailiffing most of our waters. If you have any issues with regard to Badgers Wood, George Cragg, Electricity pond or Frylands contact Tony Elkins. Anything relating to Wildings, Masons and Decoy will be dealt with by Nigel Jackson. The East Sussex team have been clearing brambles and overhanging branches etc at Decoy and are formulating plans to deal with the causeway

With regard to Wildings our Club Chairman has met with the owner who has confirmed he will be carrying out repairs to the weir and the dam which should restore water levels, Unfortunately we have not been given a specific timescale so watch this space (I wouldn’t hold your breath !)

In the meantime, the causeway is still closed but the far end of the small pond at Wildings has been cleared to allow access.

New Season

The Membership portal is now open and I have been assured that it is very simple to renew or join. If you do have any queries our Membership Secretary will be only to pleased to help you out. Failing that our Treasurer can guide you through the process. I gather that for those members without access to a computer etc a visit to Jean will still be available. The padlock codes will be changed on 1 April.


The Head Bailiff has stood down but we have had a number of members offer to act as informal bailiffs. They have been issued with a card so if you are approached please treat them with respect. We are always on the lookout for members who want to keep an eye on their favourite waters so if you are interested please let us know and we will provide you with a card.

100 Club

February’s draw was won by Mark Harmsworth, March by John Sachs.

 And finally……

The rivers are now closed until 15 June but all of our still waters are available. Tight lines.