EGM Minutes | March 1st 2024

EGM Minutes | March 1st 2024

EGM Minutes | March 1st 2024

Hassocks and District Angling Society Limited
Extraordinary General Meeting 1 March 2024 at
Kings Centre, Victoria Road Burgess Hill


Start time  7.30 PM

28 in attendance as per signing in sheet *

Apologies for absence 

Mark Orchin, Dave Harper, Rob Beattie, Kevin Tree

  1. Opening Address

a) CEO explained the reason for the meeting (Lack of attendance at the AGM) and mentioned that in order to assist with decisions we have stressed the use of Proxy forms for those who are unable to attend. It was also pointed out a proxy form has always been available to members.

2) Proposed rule changes

a) Reduce quorum to 20 members 

Proposed by Committee 

Vote – Room 26 in favour 1 against | Proxy 52 in favour 1 against. Passed.

b) Introduce an alcohol ban on all club waters

Proposed at AGM by Dave Harper, Seconded by Jeremy Scholes

Vote – Room 8 in favour, 16 against, 3 abstentions | Proxy 43 in favour, 10 against. Passed.  

3) Election of Officers

a) The following officers stood down at the AGM

John Sach, President
Tony Elkins, Maintenance Officer for all club waters
Roy Fisher, Head Bailiff
The Junior Liaison team of Steve Pead and Nigel Jackson was disbanded in 2023.

b) President will not be replaced.

c) No offers to take on Treasurer or Head Bailiff roles but a number of members offered to bailiff on an informal basis and were handed a suitable card.

d) No offer to take on the junior role specifically for HDAS. 2024 Training events will be organised by an outside source. These will be aimed at all anglers not just juniors, children etc

e) It was put to the floor to vote in the following officers

  1. CEO, Steve Pead
  2. Treasurer, Greg Brown 
  3. Admin Officer, Tony Elkins
  4. Membership Secretary, Jean Fisher 
  5. Match Secretary, Steve Pead

We also have a number of members representatives who will continue to stand 

vi) Tony Smith, Nigel Jackson, Roy Fisher, John Sach

Existing Directors will continue to stand

Vote – Room 27 in favour none against | Proxy 52 in favour 1 against. Passed

f) In the absence of an overall Maintenance officer Tony Elkins reaffirmed the offer made at the AGM to set up a team to manage, bailiff and maintain, Badgers Wood, George Cragg, Electricity pond and Frylands pond. Nigel Jackson offered to do the same for Wildings, Masons, and Decoy. Tony and Nigel to be the first point of contact for members and landowners if there are any issues at the respective venues.  

g) No members offered to join the committee

4) Financials

a) Directors Expenses  No change

Vote – Room 27 in favour none against | Proxy 50 in favour 3 against. Passed

b) Membership fees No change

 Vote – Room 27 in favour none against | Proxy 48 in favour 5 against. Passed

c) 100 Club Draw for February. Drawn and won by Mark Harmsworth

5) Club Waters update


(i) The track is still very muddy. Unlikely to be opened until later this year. Owner will advise.

ii) Dam/Causeway/weir to be repaired by the owner although we have not been given any timescales. The causeway will remain closed until further notice. Fishing restricted to the car park bank plus one swim available in the small lake. There is no longer access to the far side of the small lake via the northern end as the trees have encroached.

b) Masons

Steve Pead and Nigel Jackson will visit to ascertain if any of the swims on the car park side can be resurrected. 


  1. The issue of planning in East Hoathley village  was discussed at length. 205 houses at Hesmonds stud, 55 houses adjoining South Street, and potentially another 180 houses in one of the fields adjacent to the lake. It was stressed that we have no immediate plans to sell Decoy. 
  2. It was explained that there could be a considerable amount work. Any repairs will be done on an “as and when” basis by Nigel and his team.

d) Steve Pead will try to contact Ruth McCurgow to see if she is able to sell any more land adjoining Hickstead Lane.

6)Open forum and Discussion

a) Mike Twinn asked about the Mill Pond at Hurstpierpoint. Many years ago the EA had visited and pointed out to the owners and us that there was a considerable amount of work required to make it safe, fix leaks etc. It had been offered to HDAS to purchase but our offer was rejected.

b) Tony Morris asked for more details of work at Decoy.

  1. Repairs to the causeway explained by John Sach including potential costs
  2. Tree surgeons are likely to be required. Nigel and his team have already started to organise this.
  3. Fencing for security in view of future housing (if the planning applications are successful.)

c) Graham Morris query with regard to More House charges. It was explained that HDAS pays a lump sum to the owner and so effectively he receives both a lump  sum plus a payment per visit. If he increases our “surcharge” by £1 he does the same for the standard day ticket price. At the moment there is always a discount for HDAS members.

d) Lengthy discussion on changing padlock numbers. Roy Fisher will change the numbers on Monday 1 April. Waters will remain open. A reminder of the date will be posted on the website. The new number will only be available to existing and new or renewing members.

e) David Morris asked if we had considered moving the AGM date to March. This is not practical as the new season commences on 1 April. The AGM will continue to be in October.

f) Tony Morris queried the lack of publicity for the EGM.  It was explained that every member received an email on 14 February advising of the date, location etc of the EGM. The details were removed from the website on 26 February as this was the last date for the completion of proxy forms. For future meetings we will leave the details on the website up until the date of the event.

Meeting closed 9.20 pm

* One member was delayed due to traffic congestion so at the time of voting there were 27 present

Four attendees had submitted a proxy form so although 57 were received by the Admin Officer, for voting purposes only 53 were included.