Record Catches

Claiming a new record

All members are entitled to claim a new record fish weight. You will need a photo of the fish, weight claimed, venue and date of capture, together with the details of the scales used and the name and address of a witness to the fish. Please contact the Media Officer by email for further information about getting your claim sanctioned.

We would also like to hear about your other catches, personal bests, with photos for inclusion on the website.


Barbel4lb 12ozBadgers WoodT. LeesOct-21
Bream6lb 12 1/2ozHamseyC. Rivers1997
Carp - Common24lb 10ozOldmansK. PennyAug-19
Carp - Crucian3lb 6ozWildingsR. L. FisherMar-97
Carp - Grass18lb 0ozHamseyD. DamarioJul-20
Carp - Mirror30lb 8ozWildingsD. BujokJun-02
Catfish67lb 4ozMore House FarmD. Damario2019
Chub4lb 12ozWinehamM. PaiceJan-03
Dace9ozHamseyT. BrownJul-80
Eel3lb 13 1/2ozWildingsL. Chatfield2005
Gudgeon2 1/2ozHamseyT. BrownJul-80
Mullet3lb 8ozHamseyS. WilliamsonJun-90
J. LaroucheSep-91
Orfe - Golden2lb 8ozDecoyS. RidleyJun-88
Perch4lb 0ozDecoyM. YorkMar-16
Pike21lb 7ozHamseyJ. BurelJan-21
Roach1lb 13ozWinehamN. Jackson1994
Rudd1lb 7ozStevens PondD. HollingdaleJun-80
Tench6lb 2ozPickwellsI. HaggartJun-19
Trout - Sea9lb 4 1/2ozHamseyA. RussellJul-81


BarbelOpen to claim
Bream5lb 1ozWinehamD. WoodOct-00
Carp - Common18lb 12ozDecoyD. Bujok2003
Carp - Crucian3lb 0ozWildingsT. HillsMay-09
Carp - Koi1lb 7ozDeakesA. Ross1995
Carp - Mirror30lb 8ozWildingsD. BujokJun-02
Chub3lb 12ozWinehamJ. WrightAug-02
DaceOpen to claim
Eel2lb 4ozGill OrchardI. Fisher1996
GudgeonOpen to claim
Mullet2lb 14ozHamseyM. EadeAug-90
Orfe - Golden2lb 4ozDecoyM. JeffriesJun-87
Perch3lb 4ozWildingsJ. CrowtherApr-10
Pike10lb 1ozWinehamD. BujokSep-00
Roach1lb 5ozBackwaterM. Eade1992
Rudd12ozWildingsJ. CooperSep-94
Tench4lb 8ozDecoyD. LangDec-88
Trout - Sea5lb 9ozHamseyM. Jeffries1986