April 2022 News

April 2022 News

April 2022 News

New Club Website

Hopefully you have had a chance to look at the new website. It has taken a lot of hard work to get it up and running so thanks to all who were involved in this. It is effectively administered by a third party – “Clubmate” –  but if you have any questions or suggestions for the website please contact Rob Beattie, the Club Media and Internet Officer. If you have questions relating to memberships please contact Jean Fisher, the Membership Secretary or Greg Brown, the Club Treasurer.

One key point is that we will not be issuing Members Handbooks or Yearbooks or Members Parking permits. Please refer to the website for details of matches, club rules, waters etc

Thanks to all our regular members who have rejoined this year and a big welcome to our new members.

All Mod Cons

For those of you who get caught short whilst fishing you will be pleased to know that we now have toilet facilities at Badgers Wood lake. The portaloo is situated in the corner of the car park and will be there for a six month trial period.

Badgers Wood portaloo
The new portaloo at Badgers Wood

The contract includes regular cleaning but we would ask that members leave the toilet in a clean and tidy condition. How they are treated will be taken into account when we consider if they should be added to other waters- it is down to you.

Toilet paper and hand gel is provided – please leave these in the toilet.


We managed to clear a number of trees from the paths at Masons and we also met with one of their chaps who has managed to remove a very large tree from peg 29 and he has also removed the top half of a fallen tree which had managed to wedge itself into the weir. They have also repaired some of the damage to the track so driving to the lake is no worse than it was before.

We have also visited Wildings to discuss the fallen trees around the lake with the landowner. What hasn’t helped is that over the winter period he lost a couple of geese due to them being caught up in line hanging from trees. Because of this he has decided to remove a number of willows and other overhanging trees from both sides of the lake.

On a more positive note following assistance from the Environment Agency we have been able to secure funds to repair two more of the disabled swims at Decoy. The old planks have been removed and we hope to put the new boards down sometime later this month. The swims involved have been cordoned off so are out of bounds.

We also spent a very hot Good Friday clearing brambles from the islands at Badgers Wood. We came across a mallards nest when we were out there and managed to leave it undisturbed. Hopefully we will see ducklings on the pond this year.

100 Club

The 100 Club for April was won by Katy Morris.