May 2022 News

May 2022 News

May 2022 News

New Club Website and Membership updates

We are still tweaking the website so it is more user friendly but in the main it has been very successful. Membership numbers are holding up well, so thanks again to all who have rejoined and a big welcome to new members. Not all the information in the old Members Handbooks can go onto the website so wherever possible we have decided to send new members a Handbook. If you haven’t received one please contact the membership Secretary and she will send you one in the post. There are still some changes up coming to the website and we plan to include access maps to all our waters on the new Members’ dashboard.


As promised we have repaired the last two disabled swims at Decoy. The old rotten wooden boards have been replaced with recycled plastic/conglomerate decking boards which shouldn’t need replacing in my lifetime. They are also non slip, so no need for chicken wire. 

Peg 19 on the causeway

The boards to the front and sides were also rotten so these have been replaced.

Many thanks to the team who carried out the work on a very warm Friday at Decoy. We are also grateful to Arnie Warsop and his colleagues at the Environment Agency who secured the materials for us by way of a grant. If you haven’t bought your rod licence yet then please do so because it is rod licence money that has funded these improvements.


Peg 24 on the northern bank

One surprising fact – it was a glorious day when we did the work with carp all on the surface but not a single member fishing at Decoy! Some of the swims we did in 2020 are getting a bit slippery so we will give them a clean and remove any moss, leaves etc

Whilst we were there we filled in the pothole at the front of the main car park. 

We are aware that the owner of Wildings has cut down a number of trees and left on the bank. We will have a look next time we are there to see what needs to be done to tidy the surrounds to the lake.

Oldmans lake

A pot of plastic corn was found at the lake recently and the owner has made it clear that he doesn’t approve of any sort of artificial baits. We were previously unaware of this but have added a note to the Waters Section so please – no fake corn etc.

Badgers Wood Beginners/Coaching Day

We had the first of our Beginners/Coaching Days on Saturday 14 May and although the weather was glorious there was a low turnout. However those who came along had a good day with everyone catching fish, even the Dads. The roach were very obliging but unfortunately the bigger tench or bream didn’t want to know. Better luck next time. The next event will be on 11 June so if you know of anyone who may be interested or you want a few tips yourself please contact Nigel Jackson to book a place. We always need helpers on the day so if you are free please come along to lend a hand. Although the sessions run from 10 to 12 and 1 to 3 we try to get there for 8.30 to set up the rods etc.

Young Riley Pett really enjoyed the Beginners/Coaching Session

100 Club

The 100 Club for May was won by Robin Scott.