River Arun

Brief description of fishery:

A short tidal stretch of the river Arun at Stopham close to Pulborough. The stretch of river available to the club is marked with boards. All the usual river species are here including good chub, bream and pike.
To measure the tide, reference Littlehampton plus roughly four hours.
Please note:
  • This water is tidal and can run and rise quite swiftly, the banks are quite high when the tide is out. Also watch out for semi-submerged flotsam and the occasional canoeist or rower.
  • The water is shared with Pulborough Angling Society

NIGHT FISHING: Night fishing is permitted – please follow the rules at the top of the Our Waters page.

Location & Access

Park on the road but not in front of the gateway, nor fully on the verge as the surface can get very soft. From the gate, walk down a short but steep hill and across a field. There can be quite tall vegetation along the river banks.

All rivers are closed for coarse fishing from 15 March through to the 15 June inclusive.

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  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach