January News

January News

January News

January 2020 News


We have at last managed to finish off alterations to the car park swim at George Cragg pond!

Because of the height of the swim above the water it was rarely used and by the end of summer was very overgrown and virtually unfishable. We have finished the major work and once the weather warms up one of our hardy volunteers will get in the pond to clear more of the reeds from the front of the swim. As it will allow you to fish against reeds on both sides of the swim I am guessing it will be very popular.

I would like to thank the team who carried out they work and also the member who very kindly donated the post and rails for this and Decoy.

If you look carefully you may be able to see the robin who kept us company throughout the day.

As well as the new swim, the Environment Agency very kindly donated 200 small tench, which we have added to George Cragg pond. They have been very supportive to the club and it is good to see our rod licence money going to a good cause – us.

New website

Our technical experts are working on setting up the new website and membership database which will be ready in time for the new season, and more importantly you will still be able to apply to join via the (new) website from 15 March. As reported previously there will be no increase to membership costs again this year.

There will be a few changes to how things have been done historically and for now the existing website is still operational so if you have any winter catch photos please send them in the usual way.

New Club Waters

Without wanting to sound like a scratched record we are desperately seeking new waters for the club members. If not a ready built, lake, a couple, of acres of land alongside a country lane would be ideal as we would be happy to go through the process of planning and digging out own lake. We have had experience at Badgers Wood so if you know of any landowners who have a couple of acres spare please get in touch will any of the committee.

100 Club

The 100 Club for December was won by Mick Burkett and the January draw by Sally Pead. Congratulations to you both.