Masons Lake

Masons Lake

Masons is a large shallow lake with a silt bottom and a depth of no more than one metre. Most noted for the quality of it's Roach and Rudd. Masons also has a good head of wild Carp that pound for pound, will fight harder than most other Carp. It is also a very picturesque and peaceful place, with only the whistles from the Bluebell Railway locomotives breaking the silence.

To reach the lake you will need to drive along a dirt track. The car park is laid to grass and can be slippery in wet weather, park at the top in these conditions. The car park is close but on top of a hill requiring a walk down quite a steep path to get to the waters edge.


The hill from the car park down to the lake is steep and slippery when wet. The bank on the car park side is narrow, undulates and can be difficult to walk along. The bank on the far side is flat offering easy access. Getting back up to the car park can be very hard work when carrying all your gear, members call it "cardiac hill" for good reason. Juniors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult or senior member at all times.