News November 2020


Let’s start with the good new and in particular the Angling Trust.

Thanks to their efforts we are still able to go fishing and speaking as the club’s maintenance officer it was a real bonus to see that Fishery Management is still permitted. It is a pity that this didn’t extend to Matches but hopefully they will be allowed once the latest lockdown is lifted. In the meantime we would ask all members to please stick to the clear guidelines set out by the Angling Trust as we would not want our entitlement to go fishing to be reversed by the lack of co-operation by a few.

Talking of which, once again one of our members has managed to upset a member of the public and I can do no more than publish the email sent to the club’s media officer.

“I am sorry I have to send this email as its regarding a matter which should never happen. I myself have been a lifelong angler and have walked the river ouse for nearly 50 year but on Monday of this week a member of your club fishing just above the pipe at Hamsey left a pile of litter after he packed up fishing a couple of beer cans sandwich and crisp wrappers plus an empty bait bag. I know it was him as I found it the following day after he had packed up and the fact he also left the gate open when leaving.

Sorry to have this winge as all the anglers I usually come across leave the place spotless. Its sad to say a wild and wonderful area can be ruined by one prat who can never call himself an angler. Sorry I never got the number plate but it was a white Landrover."

Many thanks - Mr Richards.

The aforesaid Mr Richards is a member of Sussex Piscatorials and does not have an issue with the club, just this one particular member. Whether it is a coincidence but the upsurge in new members has lead to an increase in littering and other anti social behaviour. We must not let the actions of a few individuals spoil it for the majority of members so if we are able to track down the guilty party we will take whatever action is necessary including reviewing their future membership status. We have also had reports of excess line left on the bank and in the water at Badgers Wood. Surely it is common sense to take home any litter, discarded line and fishing tackle, bait etc or am I missing something?

Electricity Pond

Going back to more positive matters the work at Electricity pond has now been completed with all the swims in place and the planting completed. Some of the invasive weed has been removed which should make it easier to bring in the huge (not) carp that inhabit the pond. Despite all the recent rain it still needs more to top it up. A good place to go in winter as the fish seem to feed all year round and you are guaranteed bites.

Oldmans Lake

Even better news is that the extension to Oldmans pond has filled up following the recent heavy rain. As you can see from the following photo the lake has nearly doubled in size.

Oldmans extension
The extension is somewhat bare.
Oldmans new swims
So the next steps will be to put in a number of additional swims and do a bit of planting to soften the edges. We will keep you posted as to progress but subject to the landowner's agreement the extended area should be available from next April.

Just like the BBC, it's now time to return to the bad news!

River Adur at Cemetery Wood

Unfortunately, downstream from Cemetary Wood one of the boards at Sakeham Weir has been damaged which has resulted in a substantial fall in the water level on our stretch.

low river at Cemetary Wood

This has been reported to the Environment Agency who carried out an initial inspection and have agreed to let us know as and when they take any action. As soon as we hear anything we will let you know. In the meantime they have asked me to pass on their thanks to the members who initially reported the incident and if you spot anything like this when fishing there is an Environment Agency hotline number which can be found on your Rod Licence.

Badger's Wood and George Cragg Tidy Up

Finishing on good news we had a very successful tidy up at Badgers Wood and George Cragg on Saturday. What with the social distancing rules and dodging the rain showers it was a great effort by the eleven members who turned up. The whole site was strimmed and cleared in one day so I would like to thank all those who attended.

Although we couldn’t continue the tradition of adjourning to a local pub for a pint we had the services of our very own Michelin Star Chef 'Malcolm Pierre York' who provided us with: Saucisses de porc frites aux oignons served in Petits pains de tigre; we also had a choice of Saucisse brune, ketchup de tomate et moutarde anglaise. Plus a steady supply of tea and coffee.

Thanks again to you all.

That's all for now. There should be time for one more newsletter before Christmas.

19 Nov, 2020

News October 2020

Because of the restrictions on public gatherings the club wasn't able to hold its Annual General Meeting in the usual manner this year. However, the club's officers decided to prepare the usual Reports so if you have a moment to spare you might like to read through the following - they provide an excellent insight into how your club is run in this most extraordinary of years.

Directors and Officers Reports AGM 2020
Accounts 2019-20

20 Oct, 2020

Electricity pond Restoration Project

The Electricity pond located at the Northern end of Bob Lane has always been popular among members because it is full of fish. It is an ideal spot to take children as there is nothing massive, the biggest fish we believe is a koi carp of about 3lb. Even those of us who are going through a lean patch have been known to pitch up for a couple of hours to catch the small carp, brown goldfish and other strange hybrids lurking in the depths of the pond. However it was starting to look a bit tired so in January of this year we decided to cut back the brambles and scrubby trees.

January 2020
Cut back the brambles

As you can see there was actually some water in the pond at the time but by clearing the undergrowth it was clear that there was a lot more space around the pond.

More space around the pond

Unfortunately before we could go back Covid decided to introduce itself to the world and the work had to be put on hold throughout the summer months. As you know we have had very little rain this summer and the Electricity pond has suffered as much as any other so when we went back in August it was obvious that there was very severe undercut all round the pond, particularly the area just inside the gate. In view of the amount of the undercut it was clear that this was not a spade and barrow job and we needed something a bit more heavy duty, so we decided to call in the services of a man and his digger.

12 September 2020

The digging work was done by an outside contractor, Dan O’Connell who was able to remove the undercut and sloped the sides which should stop the carp from nibbling away at the edges for a while.

Clearing inside the gate

After clearing the area just inside the gate he gradually worked his way round the pond.

Path around the lake

He was also able to flatten out the surrounds so we can put in new swims and have an informal path around the lake. There was the added bonus that the pond has gained a couple of feet following the removal of the undercut without compromising the path around the pond.

Removal of the undercut

Many thanks to Dan who managed to get it all done in one day and also to the Lifetime Member (who wishes to remain anonymous) who paid for the hire of the digger and driver. We also had the services of Jeremy Scholes who re-aligned the gate and more importantly kept John Sach under control. The most important person on the day was another member, Malcolm York who provided a steady supply of hot drinks with the odd bacon and sausage roll thrown in for good measure.

25 September 2020

Having done what is in effect the preparation work we went back on 25 September to add the finishing touches.

Swims prepared

Each swim is marked with a chestnut log and has been backed by ground reinforcement mesh. We have used the mesh before (at Badgers Wood) and I am sure most of our members are unaware that there is a one metre strip all round the lake as the grass has grown through the mesh making it invisible. To give it a helping hand we have sprinkled plenty of seed around the Electricity pond so by next Spring you won’t know it is there.

Six swims available

There are now six swims available to members which will be more than enough bearing in mind the restricted parking in Bob Lane. The swims are clearly set out and we would ask you to fish from the designated swims only and in particular not to fish from the eastern bank as this has been set aside for nature. It might look a bit barren at the moment but it won’t take long for nature to reclaim the site especially as we have added a number of lilies to the pond and have introduced iris and other native plants to the surrounds. The plan is to introduce some small tench , late 2021 but are reluctant to change it too much as it is still an ideal place to go if you want to catch a few small fish.

A joint effort

It truly was a joint effort so as the Club Maintenance Officer I would like to pass on my thanks to all those who either participated in the project or contributed materials.

Dan O’Connell, John Sach, Jeremy Scholes, Malcolm York, Tony Smith, Roy Fisher and Steve Boyce.

28 Sep, 2020

Paws and Claws

The secretary of the charity Paws and Claws would like to thank everyone involved for the £100 raised at the Robbie Wallis memorial match held at Wildings, also to thank the club and anglers for their continued support of the charity.

Paws and Claws website

24 Sep, 2020

News September 2020

As you may have seen on the previous short news bulletin, the AGM, scheduled for 16 October has been cancelled. We will be preparing the usual Officer’s Reports and these will be posted on the website as soon as possible after the 16th. If the rules for gatherings are relaxed we will take very opportunity to reschedule the AGM and as advised will ensure members receive plenty of notice.

In the meantime we would once again like to thank all our members for their support.

Masons update

After a mammoth effort another swim has been reclaimed at Masons. Believe it or not this is what we started with, a very overgrown peg 33.......

Clearing peg 33 Masons Lake

Halfway through the morning we had our doubts as we still had a lot of reeds between us and the lake

Clearing weeds

However we stuck at it and we now have a fully restored peg 33 although it could be interesting if one of the wild carp takes your bait.

Peg 33 restored

Providing the reeds don’t re-grow we will be back next Spring to have a go at peg 34.

Decoy swim repairs

After a successful grant application we have sufficient decking boards to repair at least two swims at Decoy and one at George Cragg pond. The first (shown below) was completed on 4 September and we will be going back again during Autumn and Winter to complete the rest. Many thanks to the Environment Agency as it was their grant which provided the materials. Now you know where your rod licence money goes.

Repaired platform
Electricity pond

As you may be aware we cleared a lot of the scrubby trees and shrubs from the side of the pond earlier this year. We have been back with the mini digger to level the ground and remove some of the undercut, which has had the extra benefit of increasing the size of the pond. We have been keeping a record of the work so once the new swims are in place a full report will published.

Wineham Incident

There was a somewhat unsavoury incident at Wineham recently when one of our non fishing members exchanged “words” with the land owner’s wife. It does sound like a bit of six of one and a half dozen of the other with neither lady giving way.

However the fall out is that we could potentially lose the water so could we remind members that unless you are actually fishing, membership of the fishing club does not give you the right to go wandering around private land.

In addition if you are on club waters please ensure you have your membership with you at all times as land owners have the authority to ask for proof of identity. The rights of the landowner exceed those you may have as a club member so if the owner asks you to leave their land we would ask that you accede to their request rather than argue the toss with them.

The presence of the member’s dog didn’t help matters, It is clearly stated in the club rules NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON CLUB WATERS. As we speak the Club Chairman is trying to smooth things over with the owner.


The digger has now finished excavating the extension but the lack of rain has meant that it is still just a hole. As soon as it starts looking like a pond we will take some photos.

Other News

As mentioned last month, Richard Blackburn is standing down as website manager at the end of October and to date we have not had a response to our request for a successor. If you are interested in helping the club out please get in touch with Richard.

Also we would like to pass on our thanks to our new team of Bailiffs. We now have at least 8 members who have volunteered to act as Club Bailiff and it seems to be working as in the recent weeks we have received no reports of littering etc.

This Month’s 100 Club draw was won by Phillip Mallet. Phillip is a new member who has only just joined the 100 Club – one ticket one win. Not bad !

And finally ..............Having been around the waters in my role as Maintenance Officer it is clear that despite the tough conditions there are plenty of decent fish being caught so could I make a plea to all you non carp anglers. Please send in some photos as I am getting bored of seeing nothing but carp on the gallery.

15 Sep, 2020

AGM Postponed

Due to the uncertainties of social gatherings, during the present Covid 19 pandemic, the Annual General Meeting of Hassocks and District Angling Society, scheduled for 16th October 2020, has been postponed until further notice.

The committee will monitor the situation and give at least 30 day's notice of any rearranged meeting.

11 Sep, 2020