News July 2021

Well, July is turning into a strange old month with heavy rain one week and scorching temperatures the next. However it doesn’t seem to be putting the fish off looking at the photos on the website gallery. Also we were at Decoy last week doing a bit of strimming and I have never seen so many carp on the surface and they were quite happily taking bread and other surface baits.

Training Days

There was another training day at Badgers Wood on 10 July and although the weather was not the best a number of people braved the drizzle. The pond was once again very obliging with perch, roach and skimmers caught plus a couple of decent tench.

July skimmer
Riley with a nice little skimmer bream
July Tench
Riley also managed to land this tench with a bit of help from our head tutor Nigel Jackson

Once again there was a wide spread of ages – it is not just kids who enjoy the experience as evidenced by these two happy customers who were chuffed with this tench.

tiny tench

The next event planned will be at Badgers Wood again, on 14 August so if you are free and either want to come along and help or even pick up a few tips please contact Nigel Jackson to book a place.

Not much to report this month so to finish off the 100 Club for July was won by Tony Smith.

19 Jul, 2021

News June 2021

Following the slight relaxation of rules by the Government we were able to hold our first meeting since last September. It gave us a chance to meet our new media officer Rob Beattie and Colin Skeel who has taken over from Dave Harper as Match Secretary.


As you can see from the website the owner has made the decision to stop night fishing on the river. There were a number of factors - The campsite facilities were being used by overnight anglers and the toilets in particular were being left in a mess. In view of the travel restrictions there are a lot more people using the campsite so taking all this into account he has decided that we can no longer fish the river overnight.

Pre-booking Night Fishing

We would remind all members that if you do wish to fish overnight (Masons and Decoy only ) you MUST PRE-BOOK. Before the ban at Hamsey was introduced the manager of the campsite challenged a member who had not pre booked and words were exchanged. Please do not upset landowners as they hold all the cards and the worse case scenario is the club ends up losing another water.

Training Days

Our training days which are held at Badgers Wood every month are proving to be very popular with 53 people present at the first two events in May and June. There are reports of both days in the News Section of the website.

Unfortunately last month we were a bit short of helpers and as a result actually turned away some potential visitors. To avoid this happening again we are putting out the call for helpers at the next event on Saturday 10 July. It might be sitting with a couple of new anglers and showing them the basics or simply setting up the rods and poles but if you are free your help would be appreciated. He official start time is 10 o’clock but we aim to be there for 9 and it finishes around 2 o’clock. If you are free on 10 July please contact Nigel Jackson - details are in your yearbook.


We are aware that the owner has half removed a tree from peg 6. We have tidied up what was left in the swim and have offered to help him remove the trunk which is still in the lake. Having spoken to him he mentioned that he has plans to remove some of the other willows which are in danger of falling in the lake.

And finally,

The 100 Club for June was won by David Sinclair.

29 Jun, 2021

Badgers Wood Open Day June 2021 Report

The second Open Day at Badgers Wood

Unlike May the weather came up trumps for the Open/ Beginners day on 12 June and it was a day to try and stay in the shade as far as possible. Despite the high temperatures the fish were very obliging with all the usual suspects being caught, tench, perch, bream and roach. Due to the numbers who had contacted Nigel we had to split the day into two sessions to try and accommodate all those who had pre booked.

Everyone managed to catch and once again some very nice tench were caught.

three pound tench
Lucas with a nice fish of about 3lbs

It was really good to see families out enjoying themselves and following the last session some of those who attended have joined the club. It was not only the lads who were catching........

lovely baby  tench
Amber with a lovely little tench

We also had some returning guests and once again Reggie came up trumps with a super tench caught in the margins.

margin caught tench

Last but by no means last is George who was happy catching tiny perch until this tench came along and made his day.

fine looking tench

Although the photos are of the youngsters catching fish we do have adults at the beginners days so please don’t be put off as we are never too old to learn something new and there are bound to be a number of “ more mature” individuals who may have fished in their youth and are interested in taking it up again. We cater for all ages and abilities so please come along as you are all welcome. All you need is a chair and a bite to eat and a we will provide all the equipment.

Unfortunately we were two trainers short so we split the day into two sessions which was not ideal as a number of people didn’t want to go when the twelve o’clock whistle went. To try and avoid future disappointment we really could do with some help from our members. You don’t need to be a master angler, as long as you know the basics and can show someone how to catch a fish that will be more than sufficient. The next event is on Saturday 10 July so if you are free and can help out please contact Nigel Jackson (details in the club book).

It is worth it to see the smiles on the faces (kids and adults) when they catch their first fish!

15 Jun, 2021

Badgers Wood Open Day May 2021 Report

Open Day at Badgers Wood

Despite the weather looking a bit iffy we decided to go ahead with the first of our open days on Saturday 15 May. It turned out to be a great success with the perch and roach being very obliging with everyone who came along catching at least one fish. There was also the added bonus of a few decent tench.

2lb tench
A very happy Ismaila with a 2lb tench

Another success story was the member and her son who had been out three times without success so decided to come along for some advice. Within ten minutes Ben had a lovely little tench and later in the day lost a much bigger fish.

Ben with a tench
Ben breaks his duck with a tench

Reggie, one of our regulars had a very quiet morning and at one stage it seemed that his brothers and even his sister would get the better of him by catching perch but he had the last laugh when this tench decided to take his bait.

Reggie with a tench
Well done Reggie!

It was good to see a number of families present and the last photo is of three young boys who all caught some perch but the dad of Henry and Harry decided to outdo them by catching a slightly bigger tench . However he was happy for them to pose for the photo.

Three boys  with a tench
Ramsey, Henry and Harry with lollipops and a tench!

All in all it was a very successful day and we would like to thank all who came along and hope you enjoyed the day. The next Open Day is on Saturday 12 June so if you want to come again please feel free to do so. If any members know of anyone who would be interested please let them know and as they are proving to be popular, to be sure of a spot, please contact Nigel Jackson.

I would also like to put out a request to our members. We had six volunteers on the day, the plan being that there should be at least one experienced angler with every group. However at one stage we had 20 guests so when it got busy at lunchtime we were a bit shorthanded and could have done with at least a couple more people.

So, if you fancy a few hours helping out new “would be” anglers your help would be very much appreciated. Even if you don’t want to get involved with training there is plenty of other stuff to do, setting up the whips and rods and replacing broken hook lengths and sorting out tangles. If you have any questions please contact either Tony Elkins or Nigel Jackson who will explain what is involved – it is nothing too complicated but it is worth it when you see the look on the kids (and parents) faces when they catch their first fish.

We should thank Sport England whose grant enabled us to purchase a whole load of new equipment from our local fishing tackle shop, Bodle Brothers so we now have enough rods, whips , reels etc to cover all of this year’s events.

The final thanks go to the group of club members who helped out on the day and without whom the event could not take place. Well done everyone!

Other News

It seems we must be doing something right as the membership numbers are once again excellent so many thanks for joining us this year. I have seen a lot of you out on the waters and if the gallery is anything to go by there are plenty of fish being caught.

Look what we found in Badgers Wood?

During one of our weed removal sessions we came across the following tangled amongst the reed stems.

barbed hooks are banned

Not sure if the angler knows something we don’t but the top rig is about the size of some of the perch I have had from Badgers this year. If you want big perch try Decoy but please change your hooks as barbed hooks are not permitted on club waters.


Members can now park alongside the lake following the opening of the track by the owner.

The 100 Club for May was won by Jon Webbon (again).

21 May, 2021

Open Days 2021

We are pleased to announce that after consultation with the Angling Trust we have been given the green light to hold a number of open days at Badgers Wood. Open days, beginners days, training days, they are all the same and it is a chance for club members and members of the public to pick up some useful tips from our team of experts. We are never too old to take on new fishing tactics so please don’t worry about coming along. The best example I can give is a member who turned up two years ago for advice on float fishing and within an hour had caught his first ever barbel. Full details including dates are on the poster below and as mentioned please contact Nigel to book a slot.


Please feel free to bring along a guest who may be interested in taking up fishing- it is open to all including non members.

07 May, 2021

News April 2021

Welcome all our new members and a big thankyou to all those who have rejoined.

If you haven’t received your membership ID card there may be a simple explanation. You need to send a photo. No photo means no card so the sooner you get the photo to us the quicker you will get your card.

For existing members the renewal period expires on 30 April so if you have not rejoined by that date you can still join but as a new member. I say this because I have been asked by a couple of anglers if we send out renewal reminders – we don’t so the onus is on you to rejoin. Without stating the obvious your existing membership expires on 1 April so you cannot go fishing until you actually rejoin. This includes participating in club matches.

Closed Season and Rod Licenses

The Environment Agency have asked to remind all members that the rivers are closed from 15 March to 15 June inclusive and during that time they will be carrying out patrols to ensure the closed season is not being violated. They will also be visiting still waters to carry out Rod Licence checks. Every year across the country, thousands of anglers are prosecuted for not having a fishing licence. As well as cheating other anglers, fishing illegally can carry a hefty penalty. Getting caught without a licence could land a fine of up to £2,500. Ouch!

Upper Hookers

Mrs Keith passed away some time ago and the property and land have now been sold. The new owners have advised us that they will have to restrict access to the river so the Upper Hookers stretch of the upper Adur is no longer available to club members.


The extension is now open but we would ask that anglers fish from the designated swims only. The areas between the swims have been planted to enable the banks to consolidate so please stick to the swims. The field is now open but please park alongside the lake (through the second gate) as the owners take a dim view to people parking in the field plus you run the risk of your car being damaged by livestock!

Decoy Litter

Once again our bailiffs have reported a number of lager cans left in one swim at Decoy. At the time this was reported there was no night fishing so it must have been left after a day session and bearing in mind the number of cans left behind, if it was one person, I am amazed they managed to drive home. Other landowners have complained about cans being left behind and this was one of the reasons we lost Flintstones pond. Not sure why you would need to take alcohol with you when you are fishing but if you must, please take your empties home. If you know who it is please have a quiet word.

For now it is just a polite warning!

On a more positive note Decoy is fishing well with the usual carp (see Rusty Bullithole on the photo gallery) plus decent roach being caught on the pole. We have also replaced the rails which we had to remove when we fixed the leak on the causeway.


Because there is a soggy area at the bottom of the track the owner has advised us that the lakeside car park is currently not available and as space is limited in the middle car park please be considerate when parking. We will let you know as soon as the owner opens the track.

Badgers Wood and George Cragg

You will be pleased to hear that the tench and bream we stocked very recently in George Cragg and Badgers Wood are already being caught. The best bream from Badgers Woods (so far) weighed in at 4lb 10oz.

Bream from Badgers Wood lake

This may have been one of the 5lb plus fish that has lost a bit of weight after the transfer or it could mean that the larger fish are still to be caught.

The tench we stocked in George Cragg are a bit smaller- between 1 and 3lb but be wary because I know of at least two anglers who have been broken up by some of the older residents. The original tench must be knocking 5 to 6lb and know every snag. The best tench so far is 5lb but there are bigger fish in there! There are also some bonus roach coming out of both lakes but no barbel yet.

Moorhouse Farm

Just a reminder that the additional charge to fish Morehouse farm has been increased by the owner to £3 PER DAY. It seems that despite the increase being posted on the internet and being clearly shown in the new Handbook some members are still paying at the old rate.

Weirwood Reservoir

Looking at their website it looks like it is now open for fishing so if anyone fancies giving it a try please send us your catch photos.

100 Club

This month's winner is David Hollingdale.

And finally...

Following a house clearance the club has received a small number of Burgess Hill Angling Club pin badges.

Burgess Hill AC pin

If you were a member of the old Burgess Hill club and would like one of the badges please contact the Membership Secretary. They will be issued on a first come first served basis.

15 Apr, 2021