Open Days 2021

We are pleased to announce that after consultation with the Angling Trust we have been given the green light to hold a number of open days at Badgers Wood. Open days, beginners days, training days, they are all the same and it is a chance for club members and members of the public to pick up some useful tips from our team of experts. We are never too old to take on new fishing tactics so please don’t worry about coming along. The best example I can give is a member who turned up two years ago for advice on float fishing and within an hour had caught his first ever barbel. Full details including dates are on the poster below and as mentioned please contact Nigel to book a slot.


Please feel free to bring along a guest who may be interested in taking up fishing- it is open to all including non members.

07 May, 2021

News April 2021

Welcome all our new members and a big thankyou to all those who have rejoined.

If you haven’t received your membership ID card there may be a simple explanation. You need to send a photo. No photo means no card so the sooner you get the photo to us the quicker you will get your card.

For existing members the renewal period expires on 30 April so if you have not rejoined by that date you can still join but as a new member. I say this because I have been asked by a couple of anglers if we send out renewal reminders – we don’t so the onus is on you to rejoin. Without stating the obvious your existing membership expires on 1 April so you cannot go fishing until you actually rejoin. This includes participating in club matches.

Closed Season and Rod Licenses

The Environment Agency have asked to remind all members that the rivers are closed from 15 March to 15 June inclusive and during that time they will be carrying out patrols to ensure the closed season is not being violated. They will also be visiting still waters to carry out Rod Licence checks. Every year across the country, thousands of anglers are prosecuted for not having a fishing licence. As well as cheating other anglers, fishing illegally can carry a hefty penalty. Getting caught without a licence could land a fine of up to £2,500. Ouch!

Upper Hookers

Mrs Keith passed away some time ago and the property and land have now been sold. The new owners have advised us that they will have to restrict access to the river so the Upper Hookers stretch of the upper Adur is no longer available to club members.


The extension is now open but we would ask that anglers fish from the designated swims only. The areas between the swims have been planted to enable the banks to consolidate so please stick to the swims. The field is now open but please park alongside the lake (through the second gate) as the owners take a dim view to people parking in the field plus you run the risk of your car being damaged by livestock!

Decoy Litter

Once again our bailiffs have reported a number of lager cans left in one swim at Decoy. At the time this was reported there was no night fishing so it must have been left after a day session and bearing in mind the number of cans left behind, if it was one person, I am amazed they managed to drive home. Other landowners have complained about cans being left behind and this was one of the reasons we lost Flintstones pond. Not sure why you would need to take alcohol with you when you are fishing but if you must, please take your empties home. If you know who it is please have a quiet word.

For now it is just a polite warning!

On a more positive note Decoy is fishing well with the usual carp (see Rusty Bullithole on the photo gallery) plus decent roach being caught on the pole. We have also replaced the rails which we had to remove when we fixed the leak on the causeway.


Because there is a soggy area at the bottom of the track the owner has advised us that the lakeside car park is currently not available and as space is limited in the middle car park please be considerate when parking. We will let you know as soon as the owner opens the track.

Badgers Wood and George Cragg

You will be pleased to hear that the tench and bream we stocked very recently in George Cragg and Badgers Wood are already being caught. The best bream from Badgers Woods (so far) weighed in at 4lb 10oz.

Bream from Badgers Wood lake

This may have been one of the 5lb plus fish that has lost a bit of weight after the transfer or it could mean that the larger fish are still to be caught.

The tench we stocked in George Cragg are a bit smaller- between 1 and 3lb but be wary because I know of at least two anglers who have been broken up by some of the older residents. The original tench must be knocking 5 to 6lb and know every snag. The best tench so far is 5lb but there are bigger fish in there! There are also some bonus roach coming out of both lakes but no barbel yet.

Moorhouse Farm

Just a reminder that the additional charge to fish Morehouse farm has been increased by the owner to £3 PER DAY. It seems that despite the increase being posted on the internet and being clearly shown in the new Handbook some members are still paying at the old rate.

Weirwood Reservoir

Looking at their website it looks like it is now open for fishing so if anyone fancies giving it a try please send us your catch photos.

100 Club

This month's winner is David Hollingdale.

And finally...

Following a house clearance the club has received a small number of Burgess Hill Angling Club pin badges.

Burgess Hill AC pin

If you were a member of the old Burgess Hill club and would like one of the badges please contact the Membership Secretary. They will be issued on a first come first served basis.

15 Apr, 2021

News March 2021

Breaking News (Continued)

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a five year fishing agreement which will allow our members to fish Weirwood Reservoir. Full details will be included in the 2021/22 Members Handbook which has been updated this year and it will also be shown on the “Waters“ section on the Club website. We believe this will be a great addition to our waters as it offers a completely different challenge to anything we currently offer and it would appear that there are some very large fish in the reservoir. If you would like an early look at what will be available to Club members please go to the Weirwood Fishing website.

We would stress that although the agreement starts from 1 April and the Reservoir is currently closed so please do not visit until it reopens. We will let you know as soon as we hear from the owners.

Decoy Closure

We managed to secure the services of a man with a digger so on Saturday 13 March we visited Decoy to have a look the leak on the causeway. We identified two sources of the leak and did what we could to plug the holes. Time will tell if we were successful but it is definitely better than it was. Big thanks to Dan the Digger man and the rest of the team who came along to help. One bonus of having a man with a machine was that he was able to pull the large fallen tree out of the lake at Peg 14 so all we had to do was cut it up into manageable chunks.

There were two walkers on the causeway before the trench was dug out. Anybody seen them?

Membership Update

The online membership portal opened on 15 March and as mentioned last month the annual subscription fee is unchanged from last year. Please be patient with the Membership Secretary as there is always a massive rush in the first month or so but you will get your books and cards as soon as we can get them to you. For security reasons we will be changing the padlock number on 31 March so try not to get locked in if you don’t have the new number. This will be on your new membership card.

We would ask all members whether new or renewing to read through both the Handbook and the Yearbook to ensure they are aware of the club rules. We have set out very clear guidelines on the pages relating to our waters as more and more landowners are imposing their own additional rules which are specific to the waters we rent from them.

In addition to avoid fraud we must insist on a photograph for the Membership card. As the photo forms part of the membership card without a photo you will not be sent a card. Members must have their membership card with them whenever they are on club waters and if you do not have an up to date card with a photo the Club Bailiffs reserve the right to ask you to leave.

More House Farm

The owners have increased the additional daily charge from £2 to £3 to take effect from 1 April. The website will be updated and as the increase was imposed on us after the new Handbooks were sent for printing they will be manually amended before we send them out to this year’s members.

Do our members give a &!%^?

One of them clearly doesn’t (actually he does) because it is with regret that we have been advised by the owner of Wildings farm that a deposit was left on his land allegedly by a club member. Unfortunately he was not able to identify the person responsible but it is extremely embarrassing for the club and if it continues we run the risk of losing another water due to the selfish behaviour of one of our members. It doesn’t take much of an effort to put a small trowel in your fishing box and if you feel the need you can either bury it or even better bag it up and take it home. I had the pleasure of seeing the offending 'item' in all its glory by way of a photo but will not force this upon you. If you are the guilty party an apology to Phillip O’Conor wouldn’t go amiss!

On to better things .........

Fish Stocking

As promised we have introduced over 100lb of bream to our carp free lake at Badgers Wood. Most were in the 1to 3lb range with a dozen between 3 and 5lb. There were a couple over 5lb and as they are young fish, if they grow on, there is every chance of a club record in a few years time.


Unfortunately the large roach did not materialise but we have had a successful winter stocking campaign, with bream, roach and tench put into George Cragg and Badgers Wood plus a further stocking of bream, roach and rudd to Oldmans pond.

100 Club

March draw was won by James Nugent Harvey. To subscribe to the 100 Club simply go to the Joining page of the website and follow the simple instructions. A £12 subscription gives you entry to 12 monthly draws and the chance to win a life changing (not) prize.

15 Mar, 2021

News February 2021

Winter Chill

With the blast of cold weather and the Covid restrictions it has been a bit of a quiet month. The still waters have been frozen regularly which does at least keep the cormorants at bay and apart from the odd pike the fishing has been very difficult.

Breaking News

We are currently negotiating to add another water to our portfolio in time for the 2021/22 season so watch this space. We cannot give too much away until the paperwork is completed but it will be completely different from anything we have at the moment and will definitely offer a new challenge for our members.


Still on hold for the time being but the jobs are racking up especially at Decoy. We hope to address the leak on the causeway shortly and we are also aware that there have been sightings of a mink by the island so we will deploy the mink trap. We still have a large tree to remove and there are a number of fence posts to replace.

Membership Update

It has been a very difficult time for everybody so thanks to all our members for your continued support over the last year. The online application process opens again on 15 March so we hope to see you all again next season and you will be pleased to note that for the second year in succession we do not propose increasing the membership fee.

Fish Stocking

In view of the weather the transfer of larger bream to Badgers Wood has not been possible but now it is warming up we hope this can be completed soon.

100 Club Winners

Hopefully I will have some actual news next month but to finish we have competed the last two months 100 Club Draw and the winners are:

January 2021 Tony Smith

February 2021 Harry Thistlethwaite

By coincidence both are Club Bailiffs so well done to the pair of you.

17 Feb, 2021

Mandy Bowley RIP

We were very sorry to hear that Mandy Bowley passed away recently and the Club President and Committee would like to pass on our condolences to her husband Ray. Mandy served on the Committee for a number of years and, as a mark of respect, we have reinstated the awarding of the Mandy Bowley Shield in her honour.

29 Jan, 2021

Please take care

Banks are slippery and dangerous

With all the rain, banks on all club waters can be treacherous, especially if you're fishing one of the rivers. A member reports that whilst fishing at Cemetery Wood, he was leaning over the edge of the bank to retrieve a lure that had become snagged when he fell in. He's 6ft 4 inches and was in completely over his head. He managed to climb out but wanted to warn other members to take extra care when fishing.

17 Jan, 2021