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All Hassocks Angling waters are closed until further notice

No fishing is permitted on any club water until Government travel restrictions are lifted

26 Mar, 2020

News March 2020

What a terrible way to end the 2020 river season. It seems to have been raining since last October so not many chances to get down to the rivers. Now the 15th is upon us, that is it for the next three months but fortunately we have a number of still waters to choose from. If you haven’t done so please take time to look at the Club website. It has been completely updated and all you need to know about the club and our waters is there. The site can be accessed by all so hopefully will encourage a number of new members and also existing members to rejoin. Many thanks to Richard Blackburn for the many hours hunched over his keyboard !

Membership 2020-21

Online Membership applications are available from 15 March and renewals are available up to 30 April. If you want to fish from 1 April you need to have joined by that date. Until you renew you cannot fish any of the club waters. As well as applying online the Membership Secretary will still take applications by post or by hand. I am sure you will be pleased to note that Membership rates are unchanged for the upcoming season.

2020-21 Yearbooks

When you receive your new Yearbook this must be read in conjunction with your existing Members Handbook. The Handbook is a one off and is only sent to new Members. Any amendments to the Members Handbook are in the Annual Yearbook so please take a few minutes to go through the Amendments pages to see what has changed from previous years. As well as changes to club rules there are practical issues , for example bait restrictions at certain fisheries and details of club waters that we no longer have access to There will be a new padlock number for the 2020/21 season, and again this will be in the Yearbook. Details of club record fish are also in the Yearbook and it was good to see that we had a spate of new club records last year. Let’s hope the trend continues. My money is on new tench and barbel records in 2020/21.

100 Club

Apologies for last Month. The winner was Mike Dinsdale rather than Carsdale. Hopefully you have your winnings. This month’s draw was won by Nigel Jackson.

And Finally

We all aware of what is going on in the world, but the good thing about fishing is that it’s a way of avoiding the crowds getting a little exercise and some fresh air. Please stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you all on the bank in the 2020/21 season.

15 Mar, 2020

News February 2020

News February 2020

A quiet time at the moment not helped with the recent atrocious weather which has kept the rivers flooded and virtually unfishable. Having visited Wineham last Friday the fields were totally flooded so I would give it some time for the water to subside. Unfortunately there are only 4 weeks or so before the rivers are closed so hopefully the weather will calm down and we can give them one last go before March 15th.

If you are fishing the river try and go with a mate or at least let someone know where you are going and we would recommend wearing a lifejacket.

Electricity Pond update

The initial work has been completed with a lot of brambles removed and it is surprising how much space there is on the Western side of the pond.

The New Electricity pond from the gate
The New Electricity pond from the gate

Because the Eastern side is very unsafe with a very narrow sloping path we have decided to cordon this and plant up with irises and other native species. We have put up “No fishing” signs so would members please only fish from the designated areas to enable the plants to get established. There will still be six swims around the pond and we also intend to enhance the habitat by planting one side with lilies and other aquatic plants. We are hoping to have the use of a small digger which will enable us to level out the ground and put in the swims. Watch this space.

George Cragg

For those of you who have visited George Cragg recently you will see that we have put a number of lines across the pond. For some reason the cormorants took a fancy to the pond despite there being a lot of cover for the fish but the lines appear to have worked as the numbers of cormorants has gone down considerably. We are aware that the pond does start to fish from March onwards so we will be removing the lines in the near future.

Apart from the odd carp we don’t get may winter fish photos so It was good to see another quality chub from the River Arun at Pulborough and an even bigger surprise was the 4lb tench caught from Pickwells at the end of January.

And finally , the 100 Club was won this month by a Mike Carsdale.

17 Feb, 2020

News January 2020

The grass has stopped growing and there are only so many overhanging branches to cut back so this is the time of year when the maintenance team look for a project to keep them busy until the Spring.

Frylands before

In 2017 we restored and restocked Frylands ponds .......Before

Frylands after

And After

Oldmans extension

and last year we cleared the land alongside Oldmans pond

Having cleared the land the plan was that the owner would then be able to extend the lake. Unfortunately the weather over the late Autumn period meant that it was too wet for the machinery but we are hoping he will restart the project this Spring. Watch this space.

This year we have decided to tidy up the Electricity pond which is located on Bob Lane, Wineham. Although it doesn’t hold large fish it is one of the few still waters which will guarantee you a catch over the winter months. The initial clearance work has started and we have removed a number of brambles and scrubby trees. The next step will be to get a small digger in to level the ground and put in some natural swims. The work should be completed by the new season and as a general guide we will be there on Fridays (weather permitting) so please take this into account when planning your fishing trips. When we have a date for the digger we will let you know as the pond will be closed for the day.

Looking further ahead if the work goes well we can think about making the pond bigger, possibly removing some of the silt and improving the fish stocks but for now it is just a general tidy up.

Going back to Oldmans pond, the owner has put in a few small pike to keep the fry down and if like me you have had problems with pike taking fish as you bring them in could we ask you to resist the urge to put on a spinner or live bait as the owner has made it clear to us that fishing specifically for pike is not permitted under any circumstances.

I hope you have had a chance to look at our new website. Many thanks to Richard for all the work he has done on this. The gallery is one of the more popular pages and we are always on the lookout for more photos. Please send them in as it is all good publicity for the club and also gives members an idea as to where the best fish are being caught. It was especially pleasing to see a nice chub from our stretch of the Arun at Pulborough.

The owner of More House farm has asked us to remind members that if you are fishing the Snake or Sidewinder lake there is a small charge of £2 to pay. Full instructions will be posted on the club website but I gather there are envelopes for the cash provided on the site.

And finally , the 100 Club was won this month by a Mr Fahy.

14 Jan, 2020

News December 2019

Having visited the various ponds and lakes on our maintenance trips it is clear that we are very lucky in the waters that we have available. In particular our two flagship waters which we own outright are looking absolutely stunning over the winter period. Badgers is looking good after the annual haircut.

Badgers Wood lake

Unfortunately a number of cormorants have been seen here and at George Cragg pond so if anybody is passing could you please take a couple of minutes to walk around the ponds as this does tend to send them away. We will be putting the scarecrows back and will also try a couple of other deterrents but a human presence is usually enough. If you were a cormorant would you hang around this man/woman ?

Scare crow

Anything we put up will be removed in the Spring but in the meantime try to steer clear of any overhanging lines etc. As the barbel in Badgers are coming on well we have taken the opportunity to add to the existing stock by introducing a further 100 6-8 inch fish. They may be small but give it 5 years and they will be close to 4lb.

barbel fish

Decoy is looking as good as ever.

Decoy lake

However a number of the disabled swims at Decoy are beginning to show their age so they will be repaired as and when the boards start giving way. We will be using recycled plastic which, as well as hard wearing, is non slip. The first at Peg 14 has been completed and we have identified another on the causeway.

New platform

After the recent weather there are a number of trees at Decoy which look as if they are just about to fall either in the lake or on an unsuspecting member so on Friday 6 December eight of us braved the wet and windy conditions and managed to take down and remove eight dead, dangerous trees. A big thank you to all who turned out on a miserable morning.

Christmas Competition 2019

More House farm hosted this year’s Christmas Competition and it stayed dry until the last knockings when the heavens opened just as people were packing up and weighing in. Congratulations to Tim Brightey who won this year. After the match most of the anglers came back to Burgess Hill Football Club for the usual hearty meal and a drink. As we have done in the past we also held the Annual Trophy presentations and here are a couple of photos of our winners. Pride of place went to our very own Match Secretary, Dave Harper who a walked away with four trophies. Well done Dave (great smile by the way).


It was good to see a couple of juniors at the match one of whom was Joey Edwards who won the Kingfisher Shield.


The final trophy was the Sportsman award which is given to the member who has made a telling contribution to the club over the year. This year it went Malcolm York who is a key member of the maintenance ream and travels down from Wimbledon once, sometimes twice a week to help out. He has also been ever present at the Beginners Days organised by Nigel Jackson so many thanks to Malcolm.


If you don’t recognise the smart gentleman on the left it is our Club President, John Sach who presented the trophies. Details of the winners will be posted on the club website including a full breakdown of the Christmas Competition result.

Once again the food was excellent so thanks to Sharon and we are also grateful to members who provided a prize for the raffle and Bodle Brothers who donated a number of items including a voucher. Their range of tackle is increasing all the time so please pay them a visit as they are big supporters of the club.

The 100 Club draw for December was won by Dave Harper. Enough to buy some replacement pegs for those left at More House after the Christmas Competition ?

It only remains for me to say have a great Christmas and New Year and hopefully you will get that new rod or reel you have been waiting for.

16 Dec, 2019

November News 2019

Despite the recent wet weather the lakes are still fishing well with Decoy in particular providing good catches of carp. A recent match was won with over 75lb of fish which is pretty good for the middle of November.


The turnout for the AGM was disappointing but those who came along had a good time. We must be doing something right as the committee was voted in en bloc and nothing contentious was raised on the night. You will be particularly pleased to note that for the second year running we will not be increasing membership costs. View AGM Minutes

Badgers Wood Tidy up

Ten hardy souls turned up for the mega strim last Saturday but despite the lack of numbers (and machinery) we managed to clear virtually all of the overgrown banks. We have also tidied up the swims and trimmed the hedge, put the gunneras to bed for winter plus a number of other jobs and the site looks absolutely stunning.

As we have been successful in driving away the Canada geese over the summer months we haven’t had the amount of goose s**t but on the downside it has meant that the grass on the slopes has not been cropped and it was very hard work trying to strim through 18 inches of thick wet grass. So much so that we will be returning on Friday 22 November to finish off. The two ponds will be closed again so apologies for any inconvenience but if you want to come along and help us rake up you are more than welcome. Unfortunately we cannot offer food as a bribe as we ate all the sausages last Saturday.


Not sure if you were aware but the two gates on the land at Wineham had been padlocked to deter walkers straying from the public footpath and using the owners land as a shortcut to the Royal Oak public house. This didn’t help us as anglers or for maintenance so the owner has agreed to a change of numbers. Both gates now have our club number so once again you can walk along the whole Wineham stretch from the road bridge to Cemetery wood.

As the stillwaters quieten down it is a great time to try our rivers but please be careful as they are extremely full at the moment and some stretches (Cemetary Wood ) are deceptively deep. If you are thinking of going fishing try to go with a friend, wear a life jacket if possible and let somebody know where you are going.

Finally............. to cheer somebody up, this month’s 100 Club draw was won (again) by Ian Burney. Congratulations and as they say “you have to be in it to win it”. Full details on how to join are on the front page of the club website and for just £1 per month you have the chance to win a staggering monthly prize.

One more news letter before Christmas so can we have some photos of winter fish, a few perch or pike would make a nice change from the usual crap, sorry spelling error, I meant carp.

18 Nov, 2019