Club News

News October 2019

The recent damp spell has helped top up the ponds especially Oldmans and Frylands and it seems to have brought on another feeding frenzy at the waters. The gallery is looking good with plenty of carp and crucians but not sure where all the big perch have gone. A few years ago you could almost guarantee a 2lb perch from Decoy or Wildings so if you do catch one please send in your photo. Tench are still being caught at George Cragg and Badgers Wood and plenty of fish of all types are being caught at Oldmans. After a couple of false starts work has started on the Oldmans extension and we will keep you advised as it progresses.

New steps at Wildings

Having strimmed the small pond at Wildings we found that the steps from the causeway had rotted away so these have been replaced using left over boards from the swims at Badgers Wood. As these are made from recycled plastic these should be good for our lifetime.

New steps

Since the steps were completed the sheep and the heavy rain over the last couple of weeks have washed some of the soil away but they will be fine once the grass grows back. The causeway is also a bit of a mess so if you are thinking of going to the far side of Wildings boots are a definite.

A polite request

As mentioned last month we will be having our annual tidy up at Badgers Wood and George Cragg on Saturday 16 November. We would like as many people as possible to come along especially if you have a working strimmer/brush cutter. If you are strimmerless there are plenty of other jobs to do and it is also a chance to get to know other members. We will be proving hot drinks and food which has got to be better than two hours in Tesco or Lidl on a Saturday morning. We aim to start at around 9 o’clock but will be there all morning (and the afternoon unless the call of the pub is too strong) so come along whenever you can.

A not so polite request

Badgers Wood lake has been designed so there is privacy for each swim. Whilst it is acceptable to clear any growth from the front of swims we do not want members hackling away at the grasses and vegetation which were specifically planted between the swims. A member was caught doing this recently with a scythe that he quite conveniently had in his bag and we just stopped him in time before he started on the trees. This might be acceptable at other clubs especially if you are fishing overgrown rivers but is not necessary on our still waters especially if you are the only one fishing the lake and have all 15 swims to choose from. Our rules are pretty clear – see Rule 2(6) on page 14 of the handbook and we would remind you that members in breach of ANY club rule run the risk of disciplinary action.

London buses

I know it as old cliché but why are bait shops like London buses.

Nothing for ages then two pop up at the same time. Yes, another bait and tackle shop has recently opened up in the area.

Tight Lines bait

As well as carp bait they will be stocking maggots and are very conveniently located on the Northbound slip road of the A23 at Hickstead. Opening hours are 9-5 Tuesday to Friday and will be open weekends, Saturday 9-4 and 10- 2 on Sundays. Please pop in and say hello to Charlie and give him your support.

This month’s 100 Club draw was one by Mike Dinsdale. Many congrats

And Finally…………………… We hope to see as many of you as possible this Friday 18 October at the Annual General Meeting to be held at Burgess Hill football club from 8pm. We have a new President making his full debut this year and as usual there will be a buffet.

14 Oct, 2019

News September 2019

Yet another club record

Things are just getting better ! We have had our 5th potentially record fish of the season following the capture of a 24lb 10oz Common carp in a Seniors match at Oldmans pond. Unfortunately we do not have a photograph but well done to Ken Penny.

Maintenance update

Talking of Oldmans, work on the extension to the lake will commence on 16 September so from that date the swims on the causeway will not be available. The rest of the swims can be fished and the extension will be allowed to fill until it reaches the same levels as the main lake. The causeway will then be breached with the end result a much bigger lake available to our members.

We have two main events planned for the Autumn.

On Saturday 26 October we will be carrying out the second siltex treatment at Decoy. The idea is to reduce the silt levels but is also a good excuse to spend a morning messing around in a boat chucking powdered chalk into the lake (and then nipping off to the pub for a pint). If you are able to help out please contact Tony Elkins.

In addition we will be having our annual strim at Badgers Wood on Saturday 16 November. We are always on the lookout for help as it is a large area to strim and clear. If you have a decent strimmer and are interested in helping please let us know. Even if you don’t have any machinery there are plenty of other jobs to do on the day so you are welcome to come along. If you can help on either day please contact Tony Elkins on 07981 760972.

We have been contacted by the Environment Agency who are hoping to carry out some repairs to the weir above Wineham Bridge and also to the Abbeylands weir which is at the top end of the cemetery wood stretch.

The owner of Pickwells has advised us that he will be carrying out work to the lake on the weekend of 21 and 22 September.

Open Day

Another very successful day at Badgers Wood on 23 August when over 33 guests turned up. It was a pity that two of the youngsters attending thought it was more fun to vandalise the trees rather than carry on fishing, but those who were fishing had a good time with everybody catching fish - the best of the day being a 2 1/4lb tench.

2019 Open Day

The events are proving to be very popular so we really could do with more people to help out with the coaching. If you are interested please contact Nigel Jackson.

Open day 2019 Good News - A new tackle shop

Bodle Brothers who are situated on the Cuckfield Road , North of Burgess Hill are setting up an Angling Section so it looks like we will be getting back a fishing tackle shop for those of us who live in the Mid Sussex area. They have initially stocked boilies, particles and pellets plus , just in time for winter, they are selling maggots. They have also advised us that in the next few weeks they will be stocking a lot more including terminal tackle from Middy, Korda and Leeda but when we met the two guys involved (Harry and Rick) they mentioned that if there were any glaring holes in their stocking policy they would be happy for our input. So, as we do not have any local tackle shops, please pop in and say hello to Harry and Rick and let them know that you are a member of Hassocks Angling. As our local shop they deserve our support.

100 Club

Three winners to announce this month

  • July - Jon Webbon
  • August - Les Hickman
  • September - Mark Slade

If any of the winners want to come along to either the Siltex day or the Mega strim, you are more than welcome to join us in the pub afterwards and buy a round of drinks. (Not sure I sold that particularly well !)

One final date for your diaries. The Annual General Meeting will be at the Burgess Hill Football Club on Friday 18 October. Full details are in the Yearbook and will appear on the website nearer the date.We hope to see as many of you as possible.

18 Sep, 2019

News August 2019

George Cragg comes up trumps

No sooner has a 6lb tench been caught from Pickwells than George Cragg has risen to the challenge. A number of fish up to 4 1/2lb have been caught but it was clear from angler’s stories that there are larger fish in there but the difficulty was keeping them out of the reeds and lilies.

So it is a big pat on the back to Andrew Harris who beat his personal best twice in one day with fish of 5 1/2lb and 6lb. Give it a couple of years and we could be looking at a 7lb fish and there are not many club waters in Sussex with fish of that quality.

Maintenance update

Decoy and Wildings have been given a bit of a tidy up and when we were strimming Decoy we noticed a hole on the left hand side of Peg 18. This has now been repaired but if you are at any of our club waters and see anything that needs fixing please let a member of the committee know and providing it does not involve levelling out half the side of a valley (Masons!) the maintenance team will do their best to fix it. There has been another improvement at Decoy – have you Noticed the change ?

Hot weather

With the recent temperatures getting into the 30’s the Environment Agency have issued a fish health warning and in particular have warned about keeping fish unnecessarily in keep nets. In view of the recent rain and fall in temperature we are not proposing a full keep net ban for now but if you are pleasure fishing please think twice about using a keep net. (I know most of you don’t)

If you do see any fish in distress, please contact the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Open Day

Even more people turned up for the second Open/Training Day at Badgers Wood on 13 July so we will be holding another on Friday 23 August. We are never too old to learn some new tips so why not come along. Full details will be published on the front page of the website.

100 Club

As we do not hold a Committee meeting in August the next draw will be in September when we will be playing catch up with three draws (July, August and September). Three chances of winning !

And finally…….

Last Monday I decided to pay a visit to Badgers Wood for an early evening session and it was looking absolutely stunning.

New Purple Loosestrife

The Purple Loosestrife at the car park end was in full flower and the swallows were dipping in for a drink and just as I was dozing off my float slid away and I hooked into the first of 16 tench. Best was 3 1/2lb and the only bait I used was a small tin of the Jolly Green Giant. What a way to spend a summers evening !

Enjoy the summer holidays.

05 Aug, 2019

News July 2019

Another club record

What is it about the 2109/20 season ?

No sooner than we have had a record tench but the Barbel in Badgers Wood have put on a growth spurt over winter and we have had our first reported 2lb plus fish. Well done to Paul Smith on his 2lb 6oz fish but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is not a bigger one on the lake.

Maintenance update

There will be a bit of a break in the strimming due to holidays but we will be back on the case in a couple of weeks. We are aware that Decoy is getting a bit wild so that will be top of the list.


There have been a couple of incidents recently with damage to the owners land rover, inconsiderate parking and anglers turning up early to fish the lake and also staying late.

The river is still difficult to access and whilst we have been able to get the electric fence moved away from the gate into the woods, the horse owners are not prepared to remove it completely. So all we can suggest is that before attempting to cross the field you turn off the electric fence and hope nobody switches it back on while you are fishing. Alternatively, Cemetary Wood is fishing well, and not an electric fence in sight.

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

I recently attended an Anglers Trust forum and one of the subjects covered was the Line Recycling Scheme. Most local tackle shops are participating and all you have to do is take your old line to the shop and leave it a box. If you go on their website you can find out which local shops are part of the scheme.

Open Day

The event at Badgers Wood on 15 June was very successful with a number of juniors present. So much so that we will be holding another at the same venue on Saturday 13 July. Full details are on the front page of the website.

100 Club

Due to Administrative issues there will not be a draw this month.

06 Jul, 2019

News June 2019

Well Done Pickwells

I wondered when the first 6lb tench would come from a club water and Pickwells has duly obliged. Congratulations to Iain Haggart for his 6lb 2oz tench caught from Pickwells lower pond. It can be seen in all its glory on the photo gallery and, in addition to it being a personal best for Iain, it is also a new club record. Well done Iain.

Looking at the gallery it is clear that the warm spell has certainly brought the fish on to feed and the tench seem to be jumping onto the hook at the moment. In addition to those on the website I know of a member who recently fished Badgers Wood and had 33 tench in one session from 4 inches to just under 4lb. Not bad for a new lake so give it another couple of years and it will be pushing George Cragg and Pickwells as a top tench venue.

Maintenance update

The big downside of the recent weather (warm sunshine and frequent showers) is that everything is growing so it has been a busy strimming month for the maintenance team. All the local river stretches have been tidied up in time for the 16th although I would remind you that Flintstones River (and lake) are closed until the 23rd of June. However we do have a number of stretches of the Adur available to members.

Cemetary Wood has 12 swims cleared downstream from the weir with a couple created just upstream.

Cemetary Wood
Cemetary Wood

The Wineham stretch of the Adur down from the bridge has been left fairly wild but we have created 6 swims opposite the entrance in Frylands Lane. We have also cleared the access to Wineham upstream and created a couple of swims including access to the weirpool.

Upper Hookers

We visited Upper Hookers this week and it would appear somebody has dismantled part of the wooden bridge to the island. I have spoken with the landowner and her land manager who were unaware that it had been taken down and the general view is that it was removed by the owners of the opposite bank. Although it means we no longer have access to the island there are plenty of other swims to fish.

Upper Hookers
Upper Hookers
Flintstones River

We have also tidied the river at Flintstones and it seems they have changed the grazing arrangements so it is a bit of a maze getting across the field to the gate leading to the woods. We will have a word with the owner when he returns to see if access can be made a bit easier. All the usual swims are available including the chub glide. Don’t forget it is closed until 23 June.

Flintstones River
Flintstones River

If you don’t mind travelling a bit further we have stretches of the Ouse at Hamsey and the Arun at Pulborough. Fuill details can be found on the “Waters” section of the website.

We have also been around the lakes and ponds although you wouldn’t think so looking at some of the growth. As has been mentioned before strimming is very weather dependant and it is not possible to predict exactly where we will be so if you turn up at a venue and see a bunch of scruffy old gits with strimmers please be patient.

100 Club

This months winner is number 46 Dave Harper. Nearly enough to buy that new set of scales you were after.

And finally…….If you looking for something to do this Saturday (15 June) why not come along to the Maple Drive Community Fayre. It is being held at Leylands Park, next to Burgess Hill Football club from 11am to 3pm and there will be plenty going on for all the family. Please come along to support the event and say hello to us on our stand. Full details of events etc are available on the Community facebook page.

14 Jun, 2019

News May 2019

A big welcome to all our members and it is good to see some different fish on the photo gallery , especially the monster catfish caught from Morehouse farm.

There are plenty of tench being caught and we are getting close to the elusive 6lb fish. We have just been advised of a cracking fish of 5lb 5oz from George Cragg pond and as we have some of the best tench fishing in Sussex we shouldn’t have to wait too long for a 6lb fish. It is now down to Pickwells pond to rise to the challenge.

Whilst the big carp are always welcome it is good to see photos of non carp species as it shows the variety of fish available in the club waters. As well as tench recent highlights include roach of over 1lb from Wildings, chub over 4lb from Pickwells and numerous bream from Wildings and Oldmans. Please keep sending your photos no matter what size or species.

Maintenance update

As you know the rivers are currently closed to fishing so we have taken the opportunity to improve the parking at Upper Hookers. After putting down a base of hardcore we had ten tons of road planings delivered and it took an hour and a half of shoveling and raking to get it looking like it is in the photo below. By the time the rivers are open in June it should have hardened off and we won’t have any more people getting stuck in the mud. Not bad for four old codgers with dodgy knees and wonky backs.

Upper Hookers Wildings

The sheep have been removed for now and we have been able to clear a number of overgrown swims on the far bank. There are swims available up to number 42 and although it is a bit of a hike the far bank is worth a try especially now the goose nesting on the causeway has hatched her eggs.

Now is a hectic time for the maintenance team especially with the start of the river season due in just over a month but if you see anything that needs removing etc please let the maintenance team know – you are welcome to come along and lend a hand.

100 Club

We currently have 43 members so we are still open for new members of the 100 Club. This month’s winner is Tony Elkins.

Open Day

We will be having our first open day at Badgers Wood on Saturday 15 June and there will be at least two qualified coaches present. If you would like advice on any aspect of fishing please come along. It is open to members and also the general public so if you know of someone who might be interested please let them know. All equipment and bait will be provided plus expert tuition.

Open day 2019 13 May, 2019

News April 2019

Easter will soon be upon us and as if by magic the weather is looking better so rather than sit at home eating Easter eggs why not go out for a day in the sunshine and you might even catch a fish or two. The recent overnight frosts have not helped but I am sure the fish will be back on the feed once the temperatures warm up. I know that there are still some good fish being caught so don’t be shy , send us your pictures. We could do with a few non tench photos on the gallery but it can’t be far off before we have the first 6lb tench caught on club waters – my money is on Pickwells !

Decoy Maintenance

There was a bit of slippage alongside the causeway at Decoy so we have put in a temporary barrier to stop more erosion. The hurdle was made up using materials available on site and lowered into the water to create a natural barrier. The sunken area has been filled with an assortment of reeds which will hopefully establish over the season and eventually fill the gap. It may also create a reed bed along the causeway as it looks like the previous bed of reeds in the middle of the lake has all but disappeared. Please do not damage the hurdle or as mentioned before take any vehicles along the causeway.

Erosion barrier

The hurdle before it was trimmed and put into the water.

We are coming up to a busy time in the maintenance year with the start of the pruning and strimming season. We try to avoid closing waters when we are carrying out smaller jobs so if you happen to be fishing when the maintenance team turn up please be patient as most of the lakes or ponds can be strimmed or pruned in a couple of hours and at the end of the day it is for the benefit of our members. You only have to look at some of our ex waters to see that it doesn’t take long for grass and brambles to take over. We will be at Wildings this Friday doing a bit of sensitive pruning.


Membership numbers are already looking good so we would like to welcome all new members and also thank those of you who have renewed. If you are an existing member and haven’t rejoined you have until the end of April to renew otherwise you will have to pay the full rates shown on the website.

100 Club

We are still open for new members of the 100 Club. This month’s winner is Les Hickman.

And finally……… Those of you who fish Wildings will be pleased to know that the top gate is now open so we can drive down to the lake. Watch out for the sheep !

15 Apr, 2019

News March 2019

Another year has passed and the club is going from strength to strength with a number of potential projects in the pipeline.

Looking at the pictures on the website it is clear that there were a number of good fish caught last year and not all carp. This shows the all round appeal of our club waters as there is something for everybody .The match scene is ticking over and we are always on the lookout for new talent so why not give it a go. Full details of next season’s matches will be in the new Yearbook but if you want a sneaky preview details are on the Fixtures Section of the website.

After the recent warm spell there has been early success at George Cragg with the first tench of the season coming out and once again Oldmans is proving a good venue with top quality carp and bream being caught. In amongst the swarms of small roach there are some better roach of over a pound in weight. Corn, pellet and bread seem to be successful.

Mystery Maintenance Project

One month on and we have completed the clearance of the site.

Mystery Maintenance Project

The land available is not far short of an acre and we have asked for another meeting with the landowner to see if he can get the diggers in as soon as possible rather than nature (especially brambles) taking over the site. If it involves closing the existing pond while the machinery does its stuff we will let you know. Whatever the owner decides it will be additional water for our members and he will ensure that any fish stocked will be top quality (another clue as to the location !)

Mystery Project Memberships

The online facility for membership applications is now available and for those of you who prefer to pay by cash, cheques or postal orders (whatever they are) you can still apply direct to Jean Fisher, our Membership Secretary. For the avoidance of any confusion you must have a current membership to fish our waters. Although renewals are available until 30 April you cannot fish on any club waters until you have actually renewed. So, for example, if you want to fish on 1 April you must have a current membership in place on that day.

100 Club

This month was won by ticket number 36 – Mark Denman – Enough to buy a couple of lures for next winter.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your support over the last year and we hope to see you all again in the 2019/2020 season.

23 Mar, 2019

News February 2019

Mother Nature has been pretty weird recently with plenty of rain and even some of the white stuff but as I write this the weather forecast is for temperatures in the mid teens so hopefully the fish will be getting peckish. The rivers are always a good bet at this time of year but for something a little different you might want to try Oldmans lake. As well as a healthy population of carp it has recently been stocked with 400lb of roach and bream and it can be quite pleasant if you can get out of the wind. One of our members had a successful day last week catching carp up to 9½ lb.

If you do go out please don't forget to send your fish catch photos for inclusion on the website.

Mystery Maintenance Project

The maintenance team have been approached by one of our existing landowners to help clear some land alongside one of his ponds. The site is about half an acre and the initial work involves cutting down and removing the existing dead trees and scrub. Once the area has been cleared we will be sitting down with the owner to decide if he wants to:

  • a) Extend the existing lake
  • b) Dig out a brand new pond alongside the existing lake or
  • c) Have the old and new lakes connected in some way

Whatever the owner decides it will be more water available for club members and to whet your appetite here are a couple of photos if you fancy a guess at where we have been working.

Clearing the woods

There will be more photos as the project commences which will give you a better idea as to the size of the proposed pond/ extension.

Clearing woods

One of the cheery maintenance team or is it because the pubs have just opened !

Swap Permits

As we received no requests from our members for swap permits in 2018/19 and only one was handed out in the 2017/18 season we will not be participating in the swap permit scheme for this coming season. This will be mentioned in the 2019/2020 Yearbook which you will receive when you renew after 1 April. As we do not reissue the Members handbooks every year any amendments to club and fishery rules etc will be on the Amendments pages of in the Yearbook so please check these carefully. For those of you who don't read the amendments we no longer have the fishing rights to the lakes alongside the Hickstead Hotel.

100 Club

This month was won by ticket number 53 - Ian Fisher.

And finally...... We look forward to seeing you all again next season and you will be pleased to note that we have decided not to increase subscriptions for the 2019/20 season. The website will be open from 15 March for online renewals but our Membership Secretary will be happy to accept applications using the form in the back of the Yearbook.

18 Feb, 2019

News January 2019

A Happy New Year to all our members. The hot summer of 2018 seems a long way off but there are plenty of fish to be had especially on the rivers providing you wrap up against the cold. The maintenance team have been particularly busy completing some of the winter jobs which makes a change from the never ending strimming during the summer months.

Badgers Wood and George Cragg

Reports of a flock of white geese on Badgers Wood are untrue. To borrow a phrase from a well known opticians You should have gone to Specsavers.

Fish Refuge

These are, in fact, floats showing where we have placed three underwater fish refuges. Having recently introduced over 1000 fish to Badgers Wood we decided that we should put in some fish refuges to protect them against predation over the winter period. The refuges were made using materials provided by club members and full details of the design can be seen this video.

They have been placed between the two islands and we would ask that members do not cast in the area. With the higher winter water levels they are just under the surface but they are quite substantial – each one is about 4ft tall and 3ft diameter so you wouldn't want to hook one of them. The floats show where the refuges are located and for now temporary signs have been put up in the closest swims.

The swims close to the gate at Badgers Wood are very popular so we have a put in steps close to the road entrance. This will allow members to drop off tackle if they want to fish these swims but we would stress that all cars should be left in the car park while you are fishing - no parking by the entrance gate please !

BW Steps Flintstones river

Having spent a successful day on the river at Flintstones last week it was clear that the banks are a bit on the slippery side so the maintenance team spent a morning creating four safer fishing areas. This should make it easier for our members but for all (river) fishing we would strongly recommend a lifejacket. Automatic inflatable lifejackets are available for around £50.

Upper Hookers

The wibbly wobbly bridge over the Adur at Upper Hookers was a bit worse for wear with a couple of rotten planks on the ends. Fortunately they were the ones which were on the banks and a swift repair has been carried out using wood from the Sussex Wood Recycling Project.

Upper Hookers bridge Sussex Black Poplar Partnership

Shortly after we started on the Badgers Wood lake we were given a number of young Black poplar trees by Wakehurst Place. We were asked to participate in an ongoing project to reintroduce the Black Poplar tree to Sussex as they were becoming increasingly rare. As the preferred habitat is alongside a watercourse or pond the Badgers Wood site was identified as being ideal so a number were planted around the lake plus six were planted in the corner of the car park alongside the small run off stream . They are growing well so it is disappointing to see that somebody has decided to cut them back.

Whist I am sure that the actions were carried out with the best intentions we would rather members do not go around indiscriminately cutting down trees or bushes so we would politely ask that if there are any trees or bushes which you feel need trimming or removing, don’t take it into your own hands but please contact the maintenance officer or any committee member and they will decide what action needs to be taken. See General Conduct Rule 2(6) in the Members Handbook.

On a more positive note this month's 100 club draw was won by Matt Duckett.

14 Jan, 2019

News December 2018

Badgers Wood

As it is close to Christmas the Environment Agency have put on their Santa Claus outfits and have been giving out gifts. They have very kindly donated a number of crucian carp, roach, tench and small bream to the club. We received 500 Crucian carp with most going into Badgers Wood and a small number (about 60) added to George Cragg Pond. They also let us have a further 500 roach and 60 to 70 small tench and bream all of which have gone into Badgers Wood. All were free of charge so we would like to pass on our thanks to the Environment Agency for this generous donation and to Roy Fisher who managed to persuade the EA to let us have all the fish (We were only meant to have the crucians!)

Some of the crucian carp were close to 1/2lb so hopefully they will grow on in the next few years. It is imperative that Badgers Wood remains carp free as it will mean that the crucian carp in Badgers Wood will be true and not cross bred with carp etc. In time we hope to have a water that holds a good stock of 2 to 3lb crucians with hopefully the odd 4 pounder !

Crucian Carp.
Give it time !

Nigel Jackson, our Junior Liaison Officer is now a fully qualified Level 2 Angling Coach and with our two existing Level 1 coaches we are well equipped for training and tuition. We will be setting up three tuition days to be held at Badgers Wood next year. Full details will be in the yearbook which all members will receive after 1 April 2019 and we will also publicise the events in our news letters , on social media and via the website. In the meantime if there are any members who would like some help or if you have children or grandchildren who need advice Nigel is available for one on one tuition. His contact details are in the yearbook.

Christmas Competition

Well done to those who braved the elements on 8 December at Morehouse farm. The Christmas Competition was won by Nigel Jackson and looking at the weights it looks as if it was quite difficult fishing.

We also combined the post competition lunch with the prize giving and a free raffle. There are a number of trophies all of which have to be engraved so it is a pity that some of the winners did not come back to the football club and more than half of the trophies were not collected. Those who did turn up had a good time so thanks to Sharon at Burgess Hill Football club for the shepherds pie and curry which went down well on a cold Winters day.

100 Club

The winner this month is Allan Butcher.

It just remains for me to say, thank you for continuing to be a member of our club and for those of you who help out your support is appreciated.

Enjoy Christmas and hopefully 2019 will bring record fish and personal bests for you all.

Badgers Wood in winter

This is the closest I have to winter scene. Badgers Wood in 2012. No trees, lilies or reeds ?

17 Dec, 2018

News November 2018

Badgers Wood and George Cragg update 2018

The weather gods were smiling on us when we carried out our Winter tidy up on Saturday 10 November. We managed to get through the whole day without a single drop of rain. As a result the entire site was strimmed and mown and the resulting cuttings were cleared from around the lake. Some of the tender plants were covered up to protect them from frost and we were also able to clear the encroaching reed s from Badgers Wood and George Cragg.

We will be going back next week to trim the hedges and replace some of the chicken wire on the swims in George Cragg. I would like to pass on my thanks to all who came along especially the catering team for the top quality mid morning snacks and hot drinks. At the end of the day there were a lot of tired bodies but the ponds look absolutely stunning.

We are always on the lookout for extra help for these large scale events so please keep an eye out on the website for future work parties. If you have an unwanted petrol strimmmer/ brushcutter sitting in your garage please give Tony Elkins a ring as it could come in handy on future work parties.

Oldmans Pond

The maintenance team met with the owner last week and had a very useful discussion about the future of the lake. He has a number of ideas one of which is to fence off part of the field to create a dedicated parking area. This will be useful in the summer months as whilst we can use the field for parking he has started to put cows in the field and we all know what they can do to a car ! We are also negotiating with him for some silver fish to add to Badgers Wood.


I am not sure how many of you are aware of the rumours about a large pike in the lake at Flintstones. One member mentioned that he spotted what he thought was a large log floating in the margins which suddenly swam off and we have also had a report of an angler having a small carp taken as he was landing it. We were planning a winter pike trip to see if there was truth in the stories but we are too late. The owner recently sent us a text with a photo of a 4 foot long pike that he found dead in the lake. It was stocked by the owner some 15/20 years ago so we guess it was a mixture of old age and the hot summer that was her downfall. As he originally put two pike in the pond there could still be another (if it wasn’t eaten by the 4 foot monster).


Thanks to everyone who attended and the evening went very smoothly without any major issues being raised. Allan Butcher who has been club President for 28 years has decided to step down and we would like to thank Allan for all he has done for the club. Allan nominated John Sach as his successor and we wish John every success in his new role.

AGM Minutes 2018

The 100 Club draw for October was made at the AGM and was won by Tony Smith; the November draw was one by number 4, Ian Burney.

Christmas Competition

Bookings are being taken for this year’s Christmas Competition to be held at Morehouse farm on Sunday 9 December. Numbers are restricted so if you want to take part please contact Dave Harper or Steve Pead. Once the match has finished there is a meal at Burgess Hill football club and we also have a raffle and present the trophies for the previous year. All club members are welcome to come along to the post match meal and at a mere £5 (meal only) it is good value for money. In the past we have had shepherds pie and chilli all served with crusty bread and washed down with a decent pint from the bar. It is a good social occasion so feel free to come along. If you are interested please get in touch with a committee member – full contact details are in the year book. You won’t be disappointed.

And finally................. Whilst the winter river season has not yet got off the ground it was good to see the quality carp on the website that was caught from the upstream stretch of the Adur at Wineham. It is surprising what fish are in these narrow stretches.

12 Nov, 2018